This Policy [“Policy”} applies to an individual [“Registrant”] who enrolls to attend an Event [“Event”] hosted by the CLIENT NAME [“Host”, “We”, “Our”].

Changes in itinerary, location, content, host, or other Event arrangements and/or logistics may happen with little or no notice, in response to reasons including but not limited to weather events, security events, public health issues, host or team sickness or injury. We reserve the right to do so at any time, although we will make every attempt to make decisions jointly with the Registrant.


If a Registrant is unable to attend and Event, the Registrant may substitute another individual from the same organization at no additional charge, provided the substitute accepts the Event Policy. A substitution can only be performed on a completed registration that was not previously cancelled. The request by the Registrant must be in writing; email is acceptable. The written communication must include the full name and email address of the substitute. No substitutions will be taken by phone.


It may be necessary to cancel an Event for reasons beyond our reasonable control. If we are required to cancel an Event, we will offer the choice of either: (1) a refund for the amount paid less an Administrative Fee; or (2) credit towards a future Event, subject to availability, and which must be used within three [3] months from the date of cancellation. In such cases, our liability is limited to refunding the registration fee less the Administrative Fee according to the policy above for the affected Event. Beyond that, we shall not be liable for any costs or loss resulting from an Event change or cancellation which was the result of something outside our reasonable control. We reserve the right to return the payment and refuse acceptance of the registration at any time, for any reason, at no penalty to us. Once approved, a refund will be issued within thirty [30] days of receipt of the cancellation notice and based on the original payment method.


A Registrant who wants to cancel their registration must do so in writing; email is acceptable. A refund of the paid registration fee will be calculated based on when the cancellation request was received relative to the date of the scheduled Event. Specifically:

  • One Hundred Percent [100%] when the receipt date is greater than ninety [90] days;
  • Seventy-Five percent [75%] when the receipt date is between ninety [90] days and sixty [60] days;
  • Fifty percent [50%] when the receipt date is between sixty [60] days and thirty [30] days;
  • Twenty-Five percent [25%] when the receipt date is between thirty [30] days and fifteen [15] days;
  • No refund will be granted when the receipt date is fifteen [15] days or less.

A cancellation request received less than ten [10] days prior to a scheduled Event (or after the Event date has passed) due to an extenuating circumstance may be reviewed by the Executive Director and/or designated Officer/Committee Chair who in turn will recommend the appropriate refund and action to the Executive Committee. Extenuating circumstances can be (but not limited to) personal illness, family emergency, death in the family).

Registrants who do not attend the Event will not be eligible for a refund.


Registrant will not reproduce or record any written materials, virtual meetings, video, any material from the Event, or other materials provided by us or any speaker during the Event, including but not limited to images, software, audio, text and video clips, in their entirety and distribute them in any form. Registrant will not use the name, trademark, logo, or other property which belongs to us or any Event speaker’s biographical information, including but not limited to, their name, likeness, or logo in connection with the Event. Registrant will not create audio or video recordings of the Event presentation, in whole or in part, given by us or any Event speaker, or simultaneously broadcast or live-stream the Event, or post any Event recordings on any website.

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